Do you offer large dumpsters? 
We do not offer 20-yard dumpsters that other companies might offer. We find that our customers are satisfied with our smaller hydraulic dump trailers that come at a much smaller fee.

How can BHR Disposal & Demolition help with our home projects?
Our hydraulic dump trailers are perfect for cleaning out an old barn, basement, or garage. If you’ve purchased or sold a home, you can easily clear out your space. For remodeling projects, our trailers can be the perfect way to clear out drywall, trim, flooring, and more. And if you’re a contractor, we offer the ideal solution to clean up roofing, shingles, concrete, and more.

Can we haul your trailers?
Unfortunately, our trailers cannot be hauled. But we’re always happy to deliver a quality trailer to your location and pick it up when the job is done.

Do you offer any discounts for contractors?
We’re pleased to always work hand-in-hand with contractors by offering a generous discount for contractors. If you are a contractor, please inquire about our discounts during your consultation.

What sets BHR Disposal & Demolition apart from other demolition services?
We're willing to take on your residential, commercial, and light industrial demolition projects quickly and efficiently. For a standard-sized home, we can finish demolition quickly and efficiently. We'll also help you with clean-up and junk removal. Call us today to schedule your demolition services and hydraulic dump trailer rental.

We’re proud to serve residents and business owners in the Greater Traverse City area, with demolition and disposal jobs of all types and sizes. Our hard-working teams can complete the demolition of a standard home and assist with cleanup and junk removal quickly. Contact us today to reserve your trailer.

What is the duration of your dumpster trailer rental?
7 Days.

Are you a landfill or transfer station?